The purpose of the document analysis sheet is to provide students with an attack strategy for reading the documents. 

When you choose Yes to add Document analysis sheet to your assignment you will have the option to choose one of these four sheets:

Long Form 1: 

  • Provides room for recording details, and emphasizes the progression from fact to inference to main idea

Long Form 2:

  • A more sophisticated off shoot to long form 1. It adds 2 analytical elements. Evaluating the strength of the document and cross referencing the content of the document with other documents in the mini-q

Short Form:

  • .A shrunken version of Long form 1, useful when doing a DBQ in a short period of time.  For students it gives practice at being on point and concise.

Highly Scaffolded Writing Form:

  • Guides students through the analytical process but features full sentence responses as students move from fact to inferences to arguments.