How to Add Rubrics

  • First Add an Assignment
  • Under the Header Additional Support Tools you can select Rubrics and Scoring Guide
  • To See Detailed Descriptions of the 4 Rubrics Click on "OverView"
  • The Rubric Overview will give you detailed descriptions on
    • Comprehensive Rubric- teacher can only score
    • Holistic Rubric- teacher can only score
    • Self Check- scored both by teacher and student
    • Scoring Guide- scored both by teacher and student

To Add the Rubric Click Yes, and Click on the Rubric you would like to choose, it will highlight Green. Then Click Save and Assign.

How the Teacher and Student Use the Holistic Rubric

  • When a Student is logged in they can view the Rubric Scoring Guide by clicking on "Rubric" on the Student Essay Page. This way the Student can see how they will be scored. When the student is ready for scoring, they click "Send to Teacher"
  • A teacher can see that the View Essay button for that student will turn Orange. The teacher can now add comments and score.
    • When the teacher Clicks on "Rubric" they can click on the description that matches what is in the essay and give an overall score, add a comment and send back to the Student.
    • Now when the Student logs into their Assignments Page they will see an orange button that says "Essay Feedback" They can click on this to look at the version the teacher scored and click on rubric to see what the teacher scored that version. They can view the teachers score but not change it.
    • To Continue working on the essay based on the Feedback they can click on Current Essay. 
    • The Teacher and Student can continue sending the essay back and forth until it is completed. Each time a student sends an essay it will save a new version. The student can view the saved versions and see the feedback, but must be on Current Essay to edit.

How to use Rubrics Scored by Students and Teachers

  • When a student is working on their essay they can click on rubric and Score themselves. Only the teacher can add comments.

  • As a teacher, when the student submits the essay the View Essay button will turn Orange. The teacher can view the essay and see the students score for themselves. Now the teacher can add their score, but can not change the students score.
  • Then the teacher can send the score and comments back to the student
  • Now a student in their assignments section they can click on Essay Feedback to see the teachers score. And when ready to edit can click on Current Essay. They can edit the current essay, rescore themselves and send back to the teacher.