There are currently four rubrics available in DBQ Online. Two rubrics (Comprehensive and Holistic) can only be scored by the teacher. The other two rubrics (Self Check and Scoring Guide) can be scored by both teacher and student.

Adding Rubrics to an Assignment:

When creating an Assignment you will find the Rubrics and Scoring Guide section below the Additional Supports.

By clicking the Overview button a new browser tab will open displaying a brief summary of each rubric.

To Assign: Click “Yes” to Activate Rubrics. Then click on a rubric icon to select your rubric — the border highlights to show the rubric selected.

How to Score with Comprehensive and Holistic Rubrics

The Comprehensive and Holistic rubrics are scored by teachers only. 

  • The Student must first click "Send to Teacher" at the bottom of their Essay Page
  • On the Teacher Side Go to the Assignments Page and Click Manage next to the correct assignment
  • When the View Essay button is orange it indicates that the students has submitted the essay for review. Click on View Essay to provide essay feedback.
  • You are now viewing the student's last submitted version. In the picture this is the version 1 of the essay.
  • By Clicking on the Rubric Button the teacher can then score the rubric.
  • Select scores by clicking on the boxes. This example shows a comprehensive rubric with 4 boxes selected.
  • You can also add comments at the bottom of the rubrics. You can then click the "Send to Student" button at the bottom of the page. Note: Sending the rubric to the students also sends the teachers comments mades on the essays as well as vice versa.

The Holistic rubric also allows selection of Overall Score.

Self Check and Scoring Guide

The Self Check and Scoring Guide allow students to score their own work before submitting to the teacher.

    Student view prior to submission to instructor. Example is from Self Check rubric.

Student's selections are represented in the orange boxes on the left and the teacher with blue boxes on the right.

Here is an example of the scoring guide. The Self-Score, left, represents the students selections and the Teacher column is shown on the right side.

Modifying Essays and Multiple Versions of Feedback

Students can modify their essays by reviewing teacher feedback and making changes in their Current Essay. They can submit a modified essay, and in doing so, they create an additional version of the paper which then can also be scored. There is no limit to the number of versions—except possibly for teacher exhaustion.

When a teacher clicks view essay from Manage, it will default to the latest version of the essay. In the example below there are 2 student essay versions. To score the second version, teacher clicks on the 2 then the rubric button if desired.