Help students understand the Essay Feedback Feature- This feature allows teachers to make comments on your essay, lets you read the comments and submit new drafts.

Using the Essay Feedback:

  • Start on Student DBQ Dashboard
  • Click View next to the assignment you are working on
  • Use the dropdown navigation menu to go to Essay Builder then select Student Essay from Right side of Navigation bar
  • When you are ready to send this to the teacher, click "Send to Teacher" button Now the teacher can see the essay
  • Teachers can add comments and click "Send to Student"
  • When the student logs back into their Assignments page they will see an orange Essay Feedback Button

  • Click on the essay feedback button to see the comments, hover over the highlighted areas in the essay to see the teachers comments
  • When viewing the teacher comments, the student is viewing a Draft- students can't type into this draft to edit
  • To update the essay the student will need to switch to the Current Essay using the dropdown menu in the dark gray bar

  • Now the students can incorporate the teacher comments into the current essay and when they are ready they can send to the teacher again
  • The teacher can comment again and send back to the student
  • Now the student will again see the orange Essay Feedback Button- This will be another draft and each draft will be saved as a version: v1, v2, v3 etc...

Annotation Tools

  • Click on Assignments tab and Click view next to the assignment you are working on
  • Annotation tool bar includes from left to right:
    • Pencil tool- use this tool to highlight text or draw by hand
    • Sticky note tool- Add notes in the margins, color color code them too
    • Plain Text Tool-You can use this tool to answer questions in the hook exercise and the Understanding the Question. Options for text tool include: change box size, text size and color and copy the text box
    • Shape Tool- You can use the shape tool to make buckets that you can add answers in, straight line, circles, arrows, and squares can all be added, color coded and sized to help make notes
  • After you use the annotation tool always click Save and Exit