Watch this screen cast for help using new features in DBQ 2.0.

In Order to View Student Work in Progress and Give Feedback:

  • Click on Your Class
  • Click on Manage
  • Click on "View Unit" Next to the student you wish to view
  • Then Select from Dropdown a page to view work (Ex. Background essay questions)
  • If the student has done work on this page you will be able to view it, and add Post it Notes by clicking "T" button on left corner of yellow bar
    • You can drag the post it to where you want the comment to be, and color code the notes
    • When you want to switch to another student, select "Return to Manage" in the light gray bar and select another student.

View Essay in progress and give Feedback:

  • Click on Your Class
  • Click on Manage
  • Click on an Orange "View Essay" Next to the student you wish to view
  • To Add a Comment:
    • Highlight text you want to comment on
    • Click Add Comment
    • You can color code these comments as well, and can remove using the "remove" button in comment box
    • When you are done, click "Send to Student" Blue button on the bottom of the page
    • Now your student when logged in will see an Orange Button that says "Essay Feedback"

Allow Students to View Sample Essays:

  • Find the Assignment you want to add the Sample Essays to in your Teacher Dashboard under Assignments
  • Click the Gear Next to Manage and Select Edit 
  • Select Yes next to "Include Sample Essays" and then click "Save and Assign"
  • Now you have a list of the 3 Sample Essays, you can choose On or Off to display the essays you want to to show your students.  When an Essay is On, the students can view on the student side.  If at the end of the class you no longer want students to access these sample essays, you cab Click the essay to Off and it will no longer appear on student side.

Check out the New Professional Development Teaching Tips:

  • On the Teacher dashboard under Professional Development Videos Click View
  • Here you can see there are video tips for Background Essays, Document Analysis, Bucketing, Writing the Thrash-out and for writing the outline to essay.