Essay Feedback Instructions

The new Essay Feedback feature allows students to submit drafts to their teacher who then can comment and send back to their student. This ability to “pass the ball” is reflected in the instructions below.

Student View—Student has the ball.

1. Students now have a “Send to Teacher” button below their student essay box. Once students write their essay, they select this button to send to the teacher.

Note: Students still have the option of exporting their essay by selecting “export essay”.

2. Important: Students can continue to work on the “current essay” version, but essay version 1 (v1) is a frozen draft and awaiting teacher comments. These versions are reflected in the drop-down menu on the darker grey bar.

3. Once teachers review the essay, students will see “ESSAY FEEDBACK” on their dashboard. Note: A student can start working on their next draft but cannot submit a new copy for review until the teacher responds.

Teacher View—Now Teacher has the ball.

1. Login to DBQ Online. Select “View” for the class where you want to provide Essay Feedback.

2. Select “Manage” for the chosen assignment.

3. Once students have sent their essays to the teacher, “View Essay” will appear in orange. This alert will remain until teachers send back comments. Select “View Essay” to provide feedback.

4. To add a comment, highlight text and select “[+] Add Comment” button. Note: you cannot add a comment unless you highlight some text. 

5. Type feedback in the “Teacher Comment” box. Adjust color using the dropdown arrow.

6. Select “Send to Student” button at the bottom of the page to send feedback to student.

7. Select the blue “Return to Manage” button to comment on the next student’s work.

Back to Student View—Student has the ball again.

1. Students can see teacher comments in Essay v1. The orange ball indicates that the teacher has made comments on their work.

2. To edit, students MUST select “Current Version”. NOTE: Students must move back and forth between “Essay V1” and “Current Version” to incorporate teacher comments into new draft.

3. Repeat this draft, comment, revision process as many times as necessary.