How to Assign Sample Essays

In our print material, Sample Essays are in each EV Mini-Q. We have now incorporated these papers into our DBQ Online platform. Each unit includes Non-Proficient, Basic Proficiency, and High Proficiency. Here is how to assign sample essays. Enjoy!

1. From your teacher dashboard, select “View” next to appropriate class.

2. Select “Add Assignment" 

3. Select the binder you want to use. Note: Sample Essays are only available in the Mini-Q units.

4. Select “Assign” next to chosen assignment.

5. Scroll down and select “Yes” next to “Include Sample Essays?”

6. Select “Save & Assign” to publish assignment to your class.

7. Find the assignment you just created and note that the sample essays are all turned “Off”. We recommend turning them on intentionally during a class period so students do not copy Sample Essays as their own work. Remember to turn off the Sample Essays to ensure students do not plagiarize.

8. Below is an image of what your student will see once the sample essay is assigned. This teacher has assigned all of the three sample essays, and therefore the student can see all versions. If the essays are turned off on the teacher’s side, they will not appear.

9. After assigning the Sample Essays to your students, make sure they realize that all of the annotation tools are activated. They can color code and annotate these essays as they see fit.