When you log into DBQ you will see a new message area. A blue box at the top of your screen will let you know what is new in DBQ. Click View to see more info!

New to DBQ 2.0 on the Assignments Page:

  • Minimize and Maximize your assignments to keep the page less busy. Use the +/- button to the right of the assignment
  • Next to the Assignment Title new buttons allow you to Hide the class from your students and to Delete the class

New Features for Navigating:

  • On the Assignment page, Click "View" next to the unit you want to see
  • You will see 3 different bars on the top of the screen
    • Top Bar- Light Gray- Tells you what unit you are in on left. On right you see drop down menu for students to export their work and essay and teachers can view teachers toolkit and literacy stratagies
    • Middle Bar- Dark Gray- Use Drop down menu to select page or use arrows in this bar to page thru the unit
    • Bottom Bar- Black bar- Annotation tool bar- (Turns Yellow when in use)

New Annotation Features:

  • Going from left to right in the annotation menu the tools include:
    • Two white squares are "Select Mode" Click on this and then click on an item you previously added and want to edit
    • Pencil- Telestration tool- Use this tool to add highlights- You can change the color and erase this tool
    • Sticky Notes- Add sticky notes to the page with options to change color, font size, copy and delete
    • Plain Text Tool- Add plain text with the options to change text color, font size, copy and delete
    • Add a shape using this drop down menu: Oval, Arrow, Bucket, Square, Filled Square, Line tool
      • Tip: You can pre-prepare sticky notes and cover them with the filled square so they are not visible until you delete the square
  • You can deleted all the annotations using the trashcan on right of the black bar
    • Or to delete one by one, select the annotation you wish to delete and click the box with an X on left side of bar
  • Use setting button next to the trashcan to Hide Annotations or Hide Drawings