Use Teacher templates to save time with classes you teach each year.

Remember at the end of each school year, DBQ will remove classes and assignments from previous year to give you a blank assignments page to start with at the beginning of each school year.

Templates will save how you created the assignment, for example you may have selected certain document analysis sheets, added audio, essay builders or essay builders.  It will not save annotations or answers on doc analysis sheets.

Create Assignment Template- There are 2 ways to create a template:

  • Option 1: On your assignments page you can click on the gear icon on the assignment that you would like to save as a template. A drop down menu will appear and you will select "Save as Template" 
    • Now you can scroll down to templates and you will see that the assignment has been saved in templates

  • Option 2: Scroll to the bottom of your assignments page to the section labeled Templates.  Click the blue button "Add Assignment Template"  
    • Select a binder
    • Choose Assign next to the unit you want to make a template for
    • Add supports 
    • Click Save

How to Assign Class from a Template:

  • Under Templates find the class you want to assign. Click Assign 
    • Select the Class from the drop down menu
    • Click assign
  • Now the Assignment will show up as a Draft in your assignment section, students won't be to see it until you click Save and Assign 
    • To Save and Assign- Click the Gear icon and select Edit
    • Scroll to the bottom and click "Save and Assign"