If you student is logged into DBQ and they have joined your class using the class link, then they should see the class and the assignments. Here are 3 common errors to check if your students can not see the assignments.

1) Check that you have clicked "Save and Assign" not just "Save"

  • When you create a class and click "Save" it will be saved as a draft, this way you can set up assignments ahead of time, but your students will not see them until you Click edit next to the assignment and then click "Save and Assign"

  • You will now see a green assigned next to the assignment and if you have shared the classlink your students should be able to see it.

2) If you have created a Custom Assignment make sure to include the cover page and the student essay page

  • In order for the assignment to work you need to include the first and last page (Cover and Student Essay) if you have not included these the assignment may not show up in the students assignment page or may show up but give an error when clicked on.
  • To resolve Click "Edit", choose "continue editing" and make sure the cover page and student essay page are selected. Then Click "Save and Assign"

3) Make sure students are assigned

  • When creating an assignment one option is "Specify Students who Receive this Assignment" the default is "No" which means the entire class will receive the assignment. 
    • If you select "Yes" you need to select students from the list for the student to see the assignment. 
  • You can edit by clicking "Edit" next to the assignment and then selecting more students or by clicking "No" the entire class will see the assignment
  • Then click "Save and Assign"