How you and your students can use the Essay Builder

Select Essay Builder from the dropdown menu (to access menu click down arrow by the Unit title in light gray navigation bar)

  • Begins with Bucketing and Chickenfoot    
    • Label Buckets and now you can drag and drop Documents from right side of page into the buckets
    • When you label the buckets it pre-populates the toes in the chickenfoot then just type in your thesis statement
  • Next Unpack the Buckets
    • Pull evidence from the document to support the statement
  • Outline
    • Being to put info into the outline form
    • In the outline form you can add paragraphs, delete paragraphs and also edit the titles
  • Outline to Essay
    • Here the outline will pre-populate above the blue box where students can now start the essay
    • When they finish they will click "Build Essay" 
      • If the student has already edited the student essay it will ask if they want to over write current essay, click ok
  • When Essay is Completed click Export Essay

If students want to refer to work in the unit they have already done they can use the down menu to navigate back

The Thrashout Feature- Located next to the Export Essay feature

  • Located here to be flexible you can do it prior to final bucketing or after
  • Students can add or delete buckets, add bucket titles
  • Write down ideas prior to thrashout, take notes during thrashout and after thrashout