First Login to Your Teacher Account:

  • Go to
  • Then click "Login with Google"
  • Then select your Google Account, and now you are logged into your Teacher Dashboard

Now Add a Class

  • In the Gray Menu Bar- Click "Assignments"
  • Click Blue "Add Class" button in top right of assignments page
  • Enter Class Name and Click Save
  • When you add a class your class will appear on the Assignments page along with a unique class link
  • Copy and Paste the Class Link and Send it to your students

Students First Login 

  • When students first login they will come to a class landing page and there will be nothing there until they enroll into a class
  • Next the student will copy the Class Link you sent them and paste it into the address bar and Click enter
  • Now They are enrolled in the class

Teacher Roster

  • On the teacher side the newly enrolled student won't be visible in your class until you log out and log back in
  • Now go to the class and click Roster
  • Here you will see your students and these students will have access to any assignments you add thru out the year
  • You can remove students here by clicking Remove and add more students by sending them the unique Class Link