There are two options for how you can set up DBQ Online in Canvas.

Option One

1. Click on your course(s). (If you already have a Student and Teacher Resource area, then click in Teacher Resource area first.)

2. Click on Modules

3. Click on Add Module 

4. Name the Module.  Click Add Module.  Click Publish .

5. Click on + and add an External Tool

6. Click on the DBQ Project or DBQ Online LTI app. This will populate URL field. Name the page in Page Name field. Check Load in a new tab. Click Add Item.

7. Click on DBQ Online link and click Load in New Tab.  (screenshot)

 8. This will bring you to your Teacher Dashboard. Click Add Class. 

9. This creates a unique URL. Copy/Paste this URL and send it to your students.

10. Have students go to your course in their Canvas account. Click on Modules and click on the DBQ Online link. This will bring them to their student landing page. 

11. Instruct students to Paste the Class link into the address bar and click return.  Students are now enrolled in your class. Students only need to do this once at the beginning of your course,

Option 2

Instead of sending the Class link to your students, do the following:

1. Copy/paste the class link.

2. Go back to your module

3. Create another external tool (see step 5 in option 1). Copy/paste the class link URL into the URL field. 

4. Publish link ( add screenshot)

5. When students click on the DBQ Online link, they are automatically enrolled in that class.

6. If you are using DBQ Online with multiple classes for Option 2, repeat steps 1-4 for each class.